November 17, 2021
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  • Covid scams – beware bogus treatments and phony websites

Covid scams – beware bogus treatments and phony websites

  • by Jarrell Marley
  • 15 Days ago
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The latest incident related to the Omri Shafran website and the medical business made us all think twice. His bogus medical equipment is just one in a row. The treachery regarding medicine, the quackery and false investment proposals have a long history, however.

Sharif’s treachery had no such a significant effect so far since it was quickly revealed. But what about many crooks looming around and selling bogus Covid treatment. These are really in action. Many have since the justice, but it’s not so easy to prove the counterfeit of treachery, medical law being at some points ambiguous.

Protect yourself from medical scams

How to know the medical scammer is approaching you. Well, check what the internet says. If there are too obscure websites talking about it, think twice. Consulting with your doctor is also what could be of help in this situation. If you are a victim of a phishing email requesting money for miracle medicine, refuse it straight ahead.

Receiving a cold call, whatever service or product offering, is also something to beware of. Medicine should not be promoted and sold this way.

In 20219 exploded in the case encompassing business operations of Elisabeth Holmes, now she’s facing long term imprisonment for deceiving investors, doctors and patients.

Also, if you are among the investors eager to invest your money into something humanity will appreciate, beware of bogus patents. The offer might seem completely viable and the person or people behind it trustfull But it won’t be harmful to make a triple check of your own on the internet and consult with a third party, an expert person.

What about – The “sub-standard drug” or “non-compliant drug.”

Although not having a legal definition, substandard drugs are genuine medicines produced by manufacturers authorized by the national regulatory authority who do not meet quality specifications developed within the national framework for these products. The term “non-compliant” means that a drug has certain deviations from the specifications required by the registration dossier approved by the registration authority and/or good manufacturing practice in force in the country recording. It would also be important to distinguish between faulty and counterfeit medicines.

The definition of poor workmanship is similar or even identical to that of “sub-standard drug”. The origin of the faulty workmanship is multiple and may include the right holder and any subcontractors. Non-compliance with standards of quality and traceability is not constitutive of counterfeiting but rather stems from a consequence of the potential of it.

Covid-19 vaccination: don’t get ripped off!

Finally, cases of vaccination scams are on the increase in light of the health crisis and the desire of people to protect themselves. Appointments that are often difficult to obtain, queues in public places… All the crooks need to be on the lookout for any opportunity to exploit the vulnerability of the elderly. Learn how to protect yourself.

Faced with growing demand and difficulty finding available slots, many people fall prey to predators.

The Covid-19 vaccination scam has been rampant since the first announcements of the vaccine against a virus that continues to scare. The local press reports cases of fraud, mostly targeting the elderly.

As with other types of fraud, scammers will stop at nothing: door-to-door, phone calls, email and social media are all involved.

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