June 16, 2018
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Need Short Term Loans; Fill the Online Application of Payday Pixie

  • by Jarrell Marley
  • 6 Years ago
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Are you looking for short term loans and are located in the UK? You are fortunate as Payday Pixie loans are available in this form of short term loans. These loans are available for a period of 1 to 3 months and the loan amount is between £150 and £1000.  In fact, new customers also can apply and avail from Payday Pixie a short term loan of £150 and £650, while the existing customers may avail the same short term loan up to £1000.

For this short term loan, you need to apply on the website of Pixie loans. It is available online 24 x7 and the customers applying here get approval between Monday to Friday before 7pm or latest by Saturday 12 pm. once the loan is approved, there is no delay and you can get it as faster payments. The deposit can be seen in your account immediately and this is done free of charge.

Pixie loans repayment is strict and must be done as per the scheduled date. The repayment may be done as direct debit on your payday so that it gets paid. With direct debit, you are never delayed, but if the same gets returned as unpaid, the Pixie loans will collect the same using your debit card. In case, your bank denies the direct debit owing to insufficient or lack of funds in the bank, then you will have to pay a fee.

In case, you are facing a tough time with money and are unable to make the payments, it is best to speak to them, Pixie Loans at the earliest possible time. Pixie loans do not charge any fee for missing a payment or even for late payment. They do not trouble you, but the interest will get added at 0.8% interest per day to your account. This is the reason you must be careful with repaying the amount and ensure there is no delay from your side.

The criteria of application for this loan with Pixie are that the applicant must be:

  • A UK resident
  • Must be more than 18 years or more
  • Must have a valid debit card and a UK bank account
  • Must be employed permanently

Pixie loans have vast experience and they offer pay day loans to eligible applicants. It is one of the established UK payday operations that offer short term loans in the fastest time possible.

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