August 6, 2021
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What Is the Difference Between Saving Money And Hoarding It?

  • by Jarrell Marley
  • 2 Years ago
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During our childhood, our parents introduced us to the concept of savings through piggy banks. We used to fill up our piggy banks coin by coin to save up for the things we wanted to buy. Learning about the concept of saving can help us build financial discipline from a young age. Along with this, saving schemes can help us achieve our goals like buying a house, managing our child’s education and preparing for retirement. However, what if you never broke the piggy bank because of the fear of running out of money? It is very easy to get this mindset and never use the funds you have saved up. Therefore, if you’re trying to build wealth, it is important to know the difference between saving and hoarding money.

What are the Signs of Saving Money?

If you’re saving money, you would probably be doing some of the actions listed below:

  1. Money is earmarked for a specific purpose: If you’ve kept aside your funds to take care of a specific requirement, it means you are saving. Holding onto an amount to handle a specific purpose can be quite effective. It will help you stay focused on saving enough to meet your objective.
  2. You are going to utilize the saved money: Many individuals hold a certain amount for safekeeping and touch it only when they want to use it. Life is unpredictable, and you may never know what emergency you are going to face tomorrow. Having access to funds during such events can be quite beneficial.
  3. You allocate your funds carefully: Some individuals with a monthly income flow plan their finances. Therefore, once they get their salary, they allocate it carefully across different things like investing, bills, saving, etc. Such an approach to saving money can be quite beneficial.

What are the Signs of Hoarding Money?

  1. You’re saving out of habit: If you’re not saving your funds for any purpose, you may be hoarding. This could be either because you are ignorant of the correct approach to saving or at the extreme, you are plain lazy. You could be just saving because of old habits. Your savings won’t be beneficial if you’re disregarding your current needs.
  2. You’re saving despite having sufficient funds: Many individuals calculate their expenditures and allocate the funds to save them. It is wise to hold a certain percentage of your income as a savings target and set aside a fund for your future needs. However, if you keep adding funds to your savings without any reason, you may over-accumulate your savings.
  3. You find it hard to spend even though you can afford to: There are a ton of individuals who spend their funds without thinking carefully. However, hoarders will keep saving up without any reason and will postpone spending money even on necessities.

Therefore, it is important to learn about the difference between saving and hoarding. If you’ve gathered enough funds that satisfy your savings needs, you can park your additional funds in different avenues. Out of the several options available, a savings plan is one of the most optimal choices.

With a savings insurance plan, you will get the ability to build wealth and protect your loved ones at the same time. Several companies offer plans online to help the customer purchase the plan easily. In addition, companies like TATA AIA also allow their customers to make the TATA AIA premium payment online.


Thus, learning about the benefits of saving money can help us stay financially safe and stable in our lives. However, when learning how to save money, you mustn’t confuse it with hoarding money. Carefully saving additional funds has an advantage over hoarding the funds. You can opt for avenues like money-saving plans.

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